What's On the Boat? - FREE

What's On the Boat? - FREE

If you're a weekend cruiser, you probably ask yourself what's on the boat numerous times as you're getting ready to head back to the boat.  How much cereal is there?  Do I need to take more coffee?

It's tough to remember everything. And yet, when you're planning on jumping aboard and taking off for a few days, the last thing you want is to forget something "critical." Like, say, that coffee. And so you tend to bring more . . . and then discover that you've already got four pounds!

Instead, why not create a list of everything you want to keep on the boat? I created a simple "grocery list" in Word and check items off as I use them up (or use them down to the point where I need to buy more).

Get the editable template here and never again wonder what's on the boat! (P.S. It's FREE!)

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Download the Word template to create your own "What's On the Boat?" checksheet.

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