The Boat Galley Resource Center is THE place to get information that you won't get in a typical Learn To Sail or Learn To Cruise course. I'm Carolyn Shearlock and I'd like to help you:

  • decide if living or cruising on a boat is for you
  • make a smooth transition to the cruising life, and
  • flatten out that first-year learning curve!

See all our offerings below — all TBG courses are now on a pay-what-you-can basis, from $5 to full price.

If you're new to the idea of living on a boat and cruising, Unwritten Rules of the Cruising Life is a great starting point.

Let's go!

Available Products

Newsletter - FREE subscription

Get a weekly email with tips, gear reviews and how-to's to help you successfully make the leap to living on a boat.

Handy VHF Radio Reference

Quick reference to use at the VHF -- what channel to use, high vs. low power, spelling alphabet, and more. Sold on Amazon.

Storage Solutions for Life Aboard

Innovative ideas for storing everything aboard your boat: tools and parts, galley, clothes, medical supplies, electronics, and more. $39

Eating Well With A Tiny Fridge

Go up to three weeks between grocery trips and still have great meals with these detailed step-by-step galley-tested strategies. $29

Comprehensive Logbook

Organize every aspect of your boat's operation and maintenance in one book. Six sections; 164 pages. Sold on Amazon US, Canada and Mexico.

VHF Radios: Everything You Need To Know

How to best use your VHF from routine calls to advanced features such as DSC, AIS and weather. $29

Get Ready To Cruise The Bahamas!

Save time and make cruising to The Bahamas easy on yourself with these step-by-step how-to’s, info, and in-depth checklists. $39

Boat Documents Organizer

Expandable case for title, registration, insurance, surveys, hurricane plan, and more for local or international cruising. Sold on Amazon.

Unwritten Rules Of The Cruising Life

Details of living aboard and the cruising lifestyle. An introductory course loaded with practical info. $29

Aqua Map Chart Packages

20% off Aqua Map chart packages for use with the free Aqua Map app for iOS/Android. Cost varies by region.

The Self-Sufficient Galley

Conquer your galley from provisioning to storing food to cooking. Save time, money and stress! $29.

Downsizing For A Life Afloat

Step-by-step plan to downsize your entire home without being overwhelmed. What to keep, sell, store and how to do it. $97

Hurricane Prep Checklists - FREE

Make prepping for a hurricane easier and a little less stressful with my 10-point tip sheet and editable hurricane prep checklists. 

Discover Living On A Boat - FREE

Want to know what living on a boat is really like or how you can do it? Info for those just starting to explore the possibilities.

Prepare To Cruise - FREE

Get info on gaining skills, buying and owning a boat, working on your boat, buying stuff for your boat and moving aboard.

Overcoming The Learning Curve - FREE

Real help for the frustration, stress, and overwhelm that the first year of cruising can bring.

Cooking For Adventures - FREE

Make cooking off-grid easier, even though you have less space, few electrical appliances, no nearby store and a tiny refrigerator.

Storing Food Without Refrigeration - 2nd Edition

Eat great meals, using fresh ingredients, even without a refrigerator. $12

The Boat Galley Cookbook

800+ everyday recipes made from obtainable ingredients, using hand utensils. In-depth instructions for unfamiliar cooking techniques. 

The Boat Galley's Amazon Store

Discover all my recommended Amazon products for boat and galley in The Boat Galley's Amazon store.

BUNDLE: Bahamas + Unwritten Rules

Save 28% buying Get Ready To Cruise The Bahamas and Unwritten Rules Of The Cruising Life together!

Eating Well With A Tiny Fridge (book purchased separately)

Detailed step-by-step galley-tested strategies to go up to three weeks between grocery trips. $10

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