Aqua Map Chart Packages

Aqua Map takes tablet navigation to a whole new level, with great charts and features you won't find anywhere else. Get the FREE app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and then purchase the charts for the area you need.

I have been using Aqua Map + Master for a year and a half and find it far superior to our chartplotter for route planning and navigation.

Consequently, I'm thrilled that The Boat Galley has negotiated a special 20% discount on a variety of Aqua Map chart packages. Considering that the regular price for their charts is less than many other companies, this makes Aqua Map an amazingly good deal.


Why Aqua Map

Aqua Map has numerous features not found in other nav apps and chartplotters. Most people agree that these make routing and navigating simpler and more intuitive than with other devices/apps.

Aqua Map basic features:

  • Active Captain and Waterway Guide overlays showing marinas, anchorages and local knowledge - all for free 
  • Unlimited chart updates
  • Activate only chart areas currently needed, reducing storage space required on device
  • Simultaneously share charts across 5 devices (iOS and Android may be mixed)
  • Anchor alarm included
  • Easy-to-understand tide and currents while planning and navigating
  • Easily create routes and tracks
  • Routes and tracks can be shared with other devices (such as a chartplotter) and even other people
  • Satellite image overlay possible when internet is available
  • Extremely clear charts and symbols
  • When navigating a route, easily jump to the next waypoint and see time to various waypoints further down the route, such as bridges and locks

Each of the special chart packages includes a subscription to Aqua Map Master, which adds:

  • Route Explorer 2.0 -- Find all hazards, alerts, locks, bridges, marinas, anchorages and fuel stations along your route/track and automatically see time and distance to each (iOS only)
  • WiFi AIS and NMEA device connection (iOS and Android)
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Surveys service - invaluable on the ICW and US rivers (iOS and Android)
  • USCG Lights List - over 54K lights, buoys and beacon locations updated daily (iOS and Android),
  • USCG Local Notices to Mariners (iOS and Android)

Available Chart Packages

Get 20% off the following chart packages (all include Master):

  • North America (US and Canada, including lakes and rivers)
  • Bahamas + North America (Explorer charts for the Bahamas)
  • Caribbean, Bahamas + North America
  • South America + Caribbean (Brazil and Argentina plus the Caribbean)
  • Pacific Mexico, Sea of Cortez + North America (Blue Latitude Press charts for Pacific Mexico and Sea of Cortez)
  • West Mediterranean (Croatia, Italy, Mediterranean France, and Spain)
  • Spain, Portugal, and Islands
  • Northwest Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, and Ireland)
  • Oceania (Australia and New Zealand)

Is there another package you'd like to see offered? Click on the chat button in the lower right and let me know.

You can also get single charts or Master, but they are not discounted. See all available charts here

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