Comprehensive Logbook

Comprehensive Logbook

Organize Every Aspect of Your Boat's Operation and Maintenance in ONE Book

Get The Boat Galley's Ship's Log now!

One place to keep track of all your boat's essential information: trips, equipment, and maintenance. Six sections effectively provide five crucial logbooks in one, plus a handy quick reference of often-used information:

  • Quick Reference
  • Ship's Log
  • Cruising Log
  • Vessel Inventory
  • Fluid Changes & Fills
  • Maintenance, Repairs & Upgrades

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A logbook is a record of important events in the management, operation, and navigation of a boat. Every boat needs one. 

Did you know that keeping a detailed logbook -- containing details of all the boat's systems and maintenance -- will help your boat fetch a higher price when you sell it? 

Instead of just telling a prospective purchaser that the boat is "well-maintained," you can show exactly what was done when. Likewise, documenting new gear with models and dates installed demonstrates why your boat is worth more than another.

Typical logbooks, however, cover only a single set of events -- or at most a couple -- and boats end up with several on board: a travel log, a maintenance log, a fuel log, a radio log, a pump-out log (many states now require this!), and a log of sea hours. 

Keeping track of multiple logbooks is a pain. You can never find the one you want. And it becomes even more ridiculous when you realize that you can't buy all of them;  you have to create some of them yourself. And still there will be loose pages or Post-Its added in as you think of additional items you should track.

Wouldn't it be nice to have one book that contains everything you need to keep track of? That's what Julie Tijerina, now The Boat Galley's graphic designer, thought. 

Julie and her husband Greg live aboard and cruise Star Stuff, a Whitby 42.

Between that and her experience as a yacht broker, Julie knew what cruisers needed in a logbook. And as a professional graphics designer for 25 years, she knew how to create the ultimate ship's log.

No wasted space but containing sufficient room for necessary information, clear visuals, and little details like a tough cover to stand up to life aboard.

And thus was born . . . 

The Boat Galley

Comprehensive Ship's Log


  • Professionally-designed pages allow you to easily make entries underway
  • 8" x 10" size is large enough to comfortably write in, but still small enough to store in a convenient location
  • Predeparture and change-of-watch checklists help catch problems before they occur
  • Separate logs for every system on board make it easy to find the precise information you need; no longer is everything mixed together
  • Every boat operation and system is covered; no other logbooks are needed
  • Spiral binding allows the book to lay flat for easy data recording
  • PVC cover won't tear off as paper ones can
  • Tabbed dividers make it a snap to find the right page to record or look up information quickly

Now on Amazon US, Canada and Mexico (Prime, too!)
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The Details

The Boat Galley's Ship's Log contains six sections with space for you to record all of your boat's vital information. Helpful checklists and references are also included. 164 pages.

Quick Reference

  • Vessel Information
  • Wind and Sea State Conditions Chart
  • VHF Radio Quick Reference

Ship's Log

  • Watch Log
  • Pre-Departure/Change of Watch Checklist
  • Radio Log
  • Important Contacts

Cruising Log

  • 58 pages for recording the details of every trip
  • Crucial if logging hours towards a Captain's license

Vessel Inventory

  • Common Spare Parts List
  • Consumables Inventory
  • Plumbing Inventory
  • Ground Tackle Inventory
  • Other Inventory
  • Sail Inventory
  • Running Rigging/Lines
  • Electronics Inventory

Fluid Changes & Fills

  • Engine Oil Change Log
  • Generator Oil Change Log
  • Coolant Change Log
  • Transmission/Gearbox Oil Change Log
  • Fuel Fill Log
  • Generator Fuel Fill Log
  • Water Fill Log
  • Galley and Grill Fuel Log
  • Pumpout Log

Maintenance, Repairs & Upgrades

  • Engine and Propulsion
  • Generator
  • Steering, Auto Pilot, and Wind Vane
  • Hull and Deck
  • Canvas and Sails
  • Standing Rigging
  • Running Rigging
  • Plumbing and Heads
  • Electrical, Power, and Batteries
  • Galley
  • Cabin
  • Bilge and Lockers
  • Ground Tackle
  • Other Repairs, Upgrades, and Maintenance
  • Sales, Service, and Repair Contacts
  • Notes and Diagrams

Helpful reminders abound for the safe operation of your boat, with the pre-departure checklist, suggested spares (not all will apply to every boat, but I bet they'll remind you of a few things you need to get) and maintenance logs.

The inventory pages provide details of every system on board, helpful when you need technical support, parts, or replacements. 

Sample Pages


Perfect for all boaters -- sail or power, first boat or tenth -- and makes a great gift!

Now on Amazon US, Canada and Mexico (Prime, too!)
International shipping available

Amazon US Amazon CA Amazon MX

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