Overcoming The Learning Curve - FREE

Ask any cruiser and they'll tell you, "The first year is the hardest."

It sure was for Dave and I. Every single thing we did, it seemed, we were doing for the first time.

Practically nothing was the same as living on land, and we were still learning our boat, too. 

Other cruisers stepped in to help us, to encourage us and convince us we'd done the right thing. Here's my stab at paying it forward.

What People Say


Nine articles from The Boat Galley with specific techniques to help with the transition from land life to boat life.

Documents for Boat Owners

Checklists and editable templates to help with otherwise stressful situations.

Buying Boat Gear

It's hard to know what will work on the boat; reviews just don't talk about how things function or hold up in our world. Take a little of the guesswork out of buying boat gear by looking at products that have worked well for me.

Cooking on a Boat

Cooking on a boat just isn't quite the same as cooking ashore. And if you didn't really like to cook ashore, having to cook more often on the boat can also be a big change.

Getting More Help

Truly affordable courses and mentoring to flatten out that learning curve.

I've got lots of resources for you 😃

Sign up -- it's free -- and let's get started!

5 Modules


Nine articles to discuss some of the most common problems and specific tips to get past them.

Documents for Boat Owners

Having the right info at your fingertips makes things much more manageable. Five documents that all boat owners should have:

  • Boat details
  • Information for your emergency contacts
  • Editable "before moving boat" checklist
  • 14 easy things to check when your outboard won't start
  • Editable hurricane prep checklist

Buying Boat Gear

The first year, you just keep finding more and more stuff that you're missing for your life afloat. And you might find some things that aren't working as well as you had hoped. How do you get products that work but don't break the bank?

Here's help.

Cooking on a Boat

Let's face it: cooking just isn't the same when you're cruising. Less space, few or no electrical appliances, making do with what's on hand and either a small or non-existent refrigerator are just a few of the challenges.

Stop the frustration with the information here.


Getting More Help

Getting overwhelmed and want more help in making the transition from land-dweller to cruiser?

Here's affordable help.

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