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Trying to figure out how to live on a boat? Beyond "learn to sail" there's a lot that you have to learn, plan for and make happen.

Getting from the "yes, we want to go cruising" stage to actually casting off the dock lines encompasses a lot of things:

  • Gaining Skills
  • Buying a Boat
  • Learning Your Boat
  • Buying Boat Gear
  • Learning to Cook on Your Boat
  • Moving Aboard

This mini-course covers how to do it all, with lots of free resources along with affordable recommended courses and coaching for more in-depth needs.

Sign up -- it's free -- and let's get started!

7 Modules

Gaining Skills

Lots of skills are needed for successful cruising:

  • operating your boat
  • navigating safely
  • understanding weather
  • anchoring securely
  • communicating and working well with others on board
  • maintaining and repairing your boat's systems, and
  • planning your travel

Here we'll discuss how to do it all and, perhaps more importantly, the mindset that cruisers need.

Buying a Boat

Choosing your cruising boat is a huge decision. It's not only a big financial investment, it's where you are going to live and what you are trusting to keep you safe. It's easy to be paralyzed by all the choices and decisions to be made!

Ten articles to help you, along with two free downloads.

Documents for Boat Owners

Five documents that all boat owners should have:

  • Boat details
  • Information for your emergency contacts
  • Editable "before moving boat" checklist
  • 14 easy things to check when your outboard won't start
  • Editable hurricane prep checklist

Buying Boat Gear

The thought of outfitting a boat is daunting. What do you really need? And do you have to buy it all at (expensive) marine stores?

Here's help.

Cooking on a Boat

Let's face it: cooking just isn't the same when you're cruising. Less space, few or no electrical appliances, making do with what's on hand and either a small or non-existent refrigerator are just a few of the challenges.

The Boat Galley started out as a "cooking on boats" site to help other cruisers overcome these challenges. From the time I was a Girl Scout to now, I've been turning out great meals in "interesting" conditions. Let me help you make the transition with articles, books, downloads, recipes, and gear that I know works.


Preparing to Move Aboard

You're excited about the whole "sell it all and sail off into the sunset" thing but . . .

How do you actually DO it? And how do you set up a legal address somewhere else??

A step-by-step approach.

Getting More Help

Getting overwhelmed and want more help in making the transition from land-dweller to cruiser?

Here's affordable help.

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