Eating Well With A Tiny Fridge


Great meals start with delicious, real ingredients—but the tiny refrigerators that are typical in boats and RVs can frustrate even the most well-prepared cooks. You are left shopping every few days or you have to resign yourself to eating and cooking whatever you can find that’s shelf-stable.

Or are you? What if you could go up to three weeks between shopping trips and still have the ingredients you want for the meals you really love?

Eating Well With A Tiny Fridge will teach you which normally-refrigerated foods can safely be stored without refrigeration, exactly how to do it, what non-refrigerated alternative ingredients are actually good, and how to maximize the refrigerator space that you do have.

The techniques that are presented here have been fine-tuned over 12 years of living aboard boats with small refrigerators. Specifically, I cover:

  • What is your tiny refrigerator best used for
  • What items can easily be removed and safely stored out of the refrigerator
  • Real solutions to use your small refrigerator space much more effectively
  • Exactly how to successfully store fresh produce outside of the refrigerator
  • Making appetizing dishes from canned meats and vegetables
  • Great non-perishable alternatives to many refrigerated foods
  • How to make normally-refrigerated foods from non-refrigerated ingredients

The course is self-paced and full of photos to illustrate every concept. You'll also get a downloadable PDF copy of my book, Storing Food Without Refrigeration. You will get lifetime access to the materials, including any updates, plus membership in a private Facebook group to ask questions. All for just $19.

Do you already have a copy of Storing Food Without Refrigeration? If so, click here to get the course without the book.

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2 Lessons

A short introduction to this course:

  • Overview
  • Join the Facebook Group

Eating Well with a Tiny Fridge

1 Lessons

How to make the most of what refrigerator space you have:

  • What needs to go in the refrigerator
  • What can easily be taken out of the refrigerator
  • Ways to use refrigerator space more effectively
  • Make foods as you need them from non-refrigerated ingredients
  • Storing produce outside the refrigerator

Book: Storing Food without Refrigeration

1 Lessons

Download Storing Food without Refrigeration (2nd Ed. - 229 pages) and four bonus documents.

Further Resources

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Links to buy items discussed in this course.

Final Thoughts

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Congratulations! You've completed Eating Well with a Tiny Fridge!