Cooking For Adventures (FREE)


Let's face it: cooking just isn't the same when you're cruising, RVing, camping or living off the grid. Less space, few or no electical applicances, making do with what's on hand and either a small or non-existent refrigerator are just a few of the challenges.

For 50 years, I've been turning out great meals in interesting conditions. 

Four modules to help you:

  • Introduction to Cooking for Adventures
  • Helpful Downloads
  • Adventure-Friendly Recipes
  • Favorite Gear

Plus a subscription to The Boat Galley Newsletter, with more tips and recipes.

Adventures and great food aren't mutually exclusive. You can have it all!

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The Basics

1 Lessons

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about cooking on a boat, RV, off the grid or while tent camping!

Helpful Downloads

4 Lessons

Helpful Downloads

Four of my most-requested downloads; three to help with provisioning and one to help with cooking things to the perfect doneness.

Great Recipes

1 Lessons

Over 100 delicious recipes for your next adventure -- all free!

Favorite Gear

1 Lessons

Having a hard time finding the right gear for your galley? Most reviews don't talk about things we care about, so it's hard to make an informed choice.

See what I like and use!