Discover Living On A Boat (FREE)


Can you live on a boat? Really?

Yes, you can!

I'm Carolyn Shearlock and I've been living aboard and cruising for over 12 years now. I'm thrilled to offer this free mini-course to help you discover whether it's for you.

Explore the liveaboard and cruising life:

  • What living aboard and cruising is
  • How to know if you'd like it
  • What about kids, pets, family back home, medical conditions and more?
  • The costs and ways to afford it

Then we'll discuss no-cost ways to continue to learn about the liveaboard life. Finally, I'll tell you how you can try the lifestyle out. 

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Cruising Snapshots

1 Lessons

A fun video showing the realities of living on a boat and cruising -- both the wonders of this lifestyle and the nitty-gritty less-than-fun parts.

More Details, Please!

1 Lessons

Sixteen articles on all aspects of living aboard a boat and cruising, including:

  • Cruising in General
  • Could I Cruise?
    • kids, dogs, medical conditions and age
  • Could I Afford to Cruise?
    • costs, how to make ends meet
  • How Do You Live on the Move?
    • mail, taxes, prescriptions, legal requirements, staying in touch

Continuing the Learning

1 Lessons

Are you getting intrigued by the idea of cruising? Want to keep learning?

Three FREE ways to get more information!

Try Cruising Out

1 Lessons

Before saying YES, why not try it out? Discover what it would really be like to cruise aboard your own boat with a customized learning charter. Instead of a pampered vacation, be an active participant and return home with new skills and confidence!

Absolutely no experience necessary.