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VHF Radios: Everything You Need To Know

How to best use your VHF from routine calls to advanced features such as DSC, AIS and weather. $29

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Get Ready To Cruise The Bahamas!

Save time and make cruising to The Bahamas easy on yourself with these step-by-step how-to’s, info, and in-depth checklists. $39

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Eating Well With A Tiny Fridge

Go up to three weeks between grocery trips and still have great meals with these detailed step-by-step galley-tested strategies. $19

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Downsizing For A Life Afloat

Step-by-step plan to downsize your entire home without being overwhelmed. What to keep, sell, store and how to do it. $97

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Unwritten Rules Of The Cruising Life

Details of living aboard and the cruising lifestyle. An introductory course loaded with practical info. $29

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Discover Living On A Boat - FREE

Want to know what living on a boat is really like or how you can do it? Info for those just starting to explore the possibilities.

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Prepare To Cruise - FREE

Get info on gaining skills, buying and owning a boat, working on your boat, buying stuff for your boat and moving aboard.

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Overcoming The Learning Curve - FREE

Real help for the frustration, stress, and overwhelm that the first year of cruising can bring.

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Cooking For Adventures - FREE

Make cooking off-grid easier, even though you have less space, few electrical appliances, no nearby store and a tiny refrigerator.

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Storing Food Without Refrigeration - 2nd Edition

Eat great meals, using fresh ingredients, even without a refrigerator. $12

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The Boat Galley Cookbook

800+ everyday recipes made from obtainable ingredients, using hand utensils. In-depth instructions for unfamiliar cooking techniques. 

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The Boat Galley's Amazon Store

Discover all my recommended Amazon products for boat and galley in The Boat Galley's Amazon store.

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BUNDLE: Bahamas + Unwritten Rules

Save 28% buying Get Ready To Cruise The Bahamas and Unwritten Rules Of The Cruising Life together!

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Eating Well With A Tiny Fridge (book purchased separately)

Detailed step-by-step galley-tested strategies to go up to three weeks between grocery trips. $10

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