Cruising Coaching

Cruising Coaching

Behan and Jamie Gifford mentor soon-to-be and new cruisers, helping them make smart decisions to enhance their cruising without ruining the budget.

Coaching is individualized to personal needs and questions. Ten common topics:

  • Choosing the right boat
  • Right-sizing a boat purchase and “all in” budget
  • Budget planning for active cruising (including all our expenditure details)
  • Skills building, such as weather, routing, piloting, and more
  • Avoiding common pitfalls that end cruising prematurely
  • Transitioning from land life to cruising
  • Safety and security concerns
  • Avoiding refit woe – spending too much money and on the wrong things
  • 24/7 family togetherness and being happy about it!
  • What it’s like living overseas: healthcare, banking, staying in touch, and eating

Rates start at an extremely affordable $150 for the first month ($100 thereafter) and include personal video and phone calls, emails and membership in a closed Facebook group with additional training tools and resources.

In-person consultation and training also available.

Behan and Jamie completed a 10-year circumnavigation with their three kids in April 2018, and continue cruising today. Behan is the co-author of Voyaging with Kids and Jamie is a professional sailor and sailmaker. With their kids, they've been featured on CNN, TODAY, Inside Edition, The New York Times and the UK's Daily Mail among others.

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