Outboard Troubleshooting for Non-Mechanics

Outboard Troubleshooting for Non-Mechanics

Feel like you don’t have a clue where to start when the outboard won’t run? 

Get The Boat Galley's
Outboard Troubleshooting for Non-Mechanics

The Boat Galley Outboard Troubleshooting for Non-Mechanics is THE quick reference that you need to solve the majority of little problems that cause your engine to not run or start.

The majority of reasons that an outboard won't start are simple to solve and don't require a mechanic. Really! But you need to know what might prevent it from starting, what to check, and what to do if you find a problem. That's exactly what this guide provides.

There are plenty of "repair your outboard" books already available. But so many times we don't need 100+ pages. We don't need to know the name of every single part. We're not mechanics. We just need an easy-to-understand list of the most likely trouble spots, what to look for and what we -- as non-mechanics and without access to a bunch of parts -- can do right now

That guide didn't exist. Until now.

The Boat Galley Outboard Troubleshooting Guide for Non-Mechanics shows you 21 easy checks and fixes that do NOT require a mechanic or any mechanical skill but will solve 90% of outboard motor problems – sometimes permanently, sometimes enough to get you to a place where permanent repairs can be made.

First use the symptom checker, which will tell you the simple things that could be the cause. Each is labeled with the probability ranging from “very common” to “rare” so that you know what is most likely. Look at the glossary for any terms you’re not familiar with.

Then turn to the associated check number to learn exactly what to do, both for a permanent fix and a temporary fix that will get you safely back to a place to make a permanent repair.

These solutions are so simple that only one of them even requires you to remove the engine cowling and the tool list has only four items: oil, tape, a screwdriver and a knife.

Printed on waterproof, fuel-proof and sunscreen-proof synthetic paper, The Boat Galley Outboard Troubleshooting Guide for Non-Mechanics is designed to be kept in any type of boat. It folds to just 4½” x 10”, can be tucked in anywhere, is highly tear-resistant, and can be opened to show just the check you’re working on.

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New to outboards? This guide will give you the confidence that you can deal with most problems that may arise.

Operated an outboard for a while? It's still nice to have a quick list of things to check if you have a problem, just in case you missed something simple.

IMPORTANT: The Boat Galley Outboard Troubleshooting Guide for Non-Mechanics is not a shop manual nor does it discuss advanced troubleshooting.

Now on Amazon US and Canada (Prime, too!)
International shipping available

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