Newsletter - FREE subscription

Newsletter - FREE subscription

Whether you're just starting to think about living on a boat or cruising, are actively preparing to move aboard or cut the dock lines, or are already out there, The Boat Galley Newsletter will help you make a smooth transition to a whole new lifestyle.

Despite living aboard and cruising for over 13 years now, I remember well all the questions my husband Dave and I had as we contemplated embarking on this adventure. And the questions just snowballed as we prepared for life on the boat and then moved aboard!

We got so much help from cruisers who had gone before us, whether in face-to-face talks, articles, books, courses or seminars. Now I'm paying it forward by sharing my knowledge.

The Boat Galley website has over 1,200 articles about all aspects of living aboard a boat and cruising. The newsletter makes all that information a lot easier to access without being overwhelmed.

Each week you'll get an email with a note from me, Carolyn Shearlock, and links to the latest articles, podcasts and recipes on The Boat Galley. I'll also point out a few older articles that answer frequently asked questions and periodically offer some free downloads.

You'll find information on:

  • living on a boat
  • food & cooking aboard
  • gear
  • preparing to cruise
  • overcoming problems

No cost. And if for any reason you don't find the information helpful, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Sign up now and let's get started!

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